Playful and Nostalgic Cobb Island Engagement Session

One of the best things about being an editor is finding out about new and unknown places all within driving distance from Hampton Roads! Who would have thought that a little island in Maryland would be two hours from the city of Hampton?! Well, Crystal Reyns Photography shared this Cobb Island gem from Natalie and Michael's engagement session, and I'm smitten!

I loved Natalie's story about how special this place is to her, so it's only fitting to share it in her words:

Cobb Island is a small, unfamiliar to most, island in Maryland right on the Potomac River. My great-grandmother purchased the home on the furthest point of the island in 1968 and lived there until 2013 when she moved to assisted living. I have many cherished memories of running around barefoot as a child here just like my mom had herself. My Grandma passed in July of 2013 at the age of 95, but her spirit and presence are still very much alive on this island. She was an incredible woman, and we have continued to cherish this island as a pack where her legacy continues to live. Cobb is a place that you never forget. We have family and friends who come here frequently, and they are blown away by the breathtaking sunsets and peacefulness of it all. Cobb was a very special place for my Grandma and our whole family.

We thought this would be the perfect place to have our engagement session and start this exciting journey to husband and wife. Being that our session was scheduled for early February, our expectation was freezing temperatures and high winds, which is normal for that time of year. When we arrived to Cobb on the day of our photos, it was almost 70 degrees, very low winds, and bright sunny skies. This is almost unheard of for this time of year. Two days later, we were back to our normal 30 degree temperatures and snow. We have no doubt that Grandma's presence was with us that day, working with God to provide us with amazing weather for our session with Crystal.

Photography: Crystal Reyns Photography // Location: Cobb Island, Maryland // Submitted via Two Bright Lights