Glamorous Black Tie Anniversary Session

The best part about anniversary sessions are the visions and personal details that couples weave into celebrating their marriage together, especially when it just so happens to involve a little one on the way. And Adrienne and Josh wanted to do just that. Being a local wedding planner, Adrienne just knows how to make that vision come to life not just through style, but through words. I need to let her take the stage for this one:

Our idea was to have a black tie glam anniversary shoot, and there's a reason for that. These past two years have been insane for us to say the least-- my mom's illness progressing, his grandma's illness progressing, our goals in fiscal fitness, our crazy schedules, and everything in between. But in the midst of all the crazy, God has continued to bring increase into our lives, day by day! And it's not that we have done or said all the right things, or that we always did or said things that were pleasing in God's sight... because let's be honest, we're not perfect, but we are saved by grace. And as we embark on this journey of becoming new parents, we have realized and appreciated more than ever that no matter how ugly or how difficult we can be, God loves us and He views us in ways that we couldn't even begin to see ourselves. God's love and grace, and our willingness to accept His grace, are what truly makes us beautiful, and we really hope to capture that in our anniversary photos this year to serve as a reminder when times get difficult and rough (especially as we become new parents!).

Captured by Chelsea Anderson Photography, these two wove their elegant ideas into a shoot meant just for them. With gorgeous statement earrings, handsome modern tuxedo, and a love to see them through the next chapter of their marriage, Adrienne and Josh made Norfolk look good!

Photography: Chelsea Anderson Photography // Location: Norfolk, VA