DIY Spring Floral Napkin Ring

Remember our Irish-inspired bridal shower last week? We're here for a part deux with the help of Aleen Floral Design and Caitlin Gerres Photography! This month's DIY is super simple and super perfect for springtime! Have some leftover florals from your bouquets? Or want to create a memorable DIY project during your bridal shower for your gals to take home? This one is right up your flowery alley!

DIY Floral Napkin Ring

  • 12"-15" Straight Pieces of 18 Gauge Wire
  • Floral Tape (in a color that blends in with your napkins)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flower Clippers
  • Assorted Hardy Flowers and Foliage

    Since your flowers will be out of water for the duration of your event, you will want to select blooms that last well out of water. Succulents, spray roses, lisianthus, berries, and greenery are great options.

    Start by cutting the 18 gauge wire in half or to a length that will wrap well around your napkin. Wrap the wire with floral tape by stretching the tape and turning the wire as you progress from top to bottom. (Special note: floral tape becomes tacky from the warmth of your fingers when stretched.)

    Once the entire length of wire is covered in floral tape, begin securing small pieces of foliage in the middle of the wire. It is best to build from back to front by layering sturdy foliage then the more delicate blooms. As you place each leaf or flower, wrap more floral tape around the stems. Continue adding foliage and flowers until they appear to fill out the space in the center of your folded napkin.

    Keep in mind this is a small space, so keep the ends of the flowers short. To cover any unsightly stems, place a leaf or berry in the opposite direction of the original arrangement.

    When you are satisfied with the fullness of your creation, wrap the two ends of the wire around the napkin, add a name tag or hanging note, and enjoy!

    Tutorial by Aleen Floral Design and photos by Caitlin Gerres Photography. To see the Irish-inspired bridal shower, head over to the full feature. Feeling crafty? See all of Tidewater and Tulle's DIY projects and be inspired!

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