12 Things to Do After You Have Been Published

February 10, 2015

Content marketing could pretty much be called the SEO buzzword of 2015, so how does this translate to the wedding world for wedding pros? Well, it's all about your published features, and I'm mostly talking about the SEO powerhouse that can be wedding blogs.

Together with some fabulous leading wedding blog editors, we are giving you the scoop on how you can make the most out of your feature publication! To really get the value and exposure after all that time and effort you've put into your submission, there are a few things these editors are sharing that will help your feature go from any ole website link to a feature that makes everyone want to revisit and double click… particularly your future brides and grooms!

1. Tag your couple. If the couple featured is open to it, tag them in the social media posts (especially Facebook). I always see a traffic increase in those features because the couple will share it, and their friends/family will share it, et cetera.
- Brittny of Love Inc. Magazine

2. Put a "featured on" badge up on your website. Most badges can be found on the blog's Info, Submission, or Contact page. If it's not on there, request one from the editor.
- Preeti of The Big Fat Indian Wedding

3. From big blogs to niche blogs, celebrate all of your features. Wedding blog editors collaborate and follow each other, so when they share great content, we love to support not just the editor, but the vendors involved as well, especially those we have featured before. We want you to get the most exposure for your feature no matter if it's on our blog or another's!
- Erika of Artfully Wed

4. Include Instagram usernames with your submission info! It's extremely difficult to find people on Instagram (especially if their profile name is different from their business name), and having the Instagram usernames makes it that much easier for the publication to tag you and provide you with additional exposure!
- Lauren of Every Last Detail

5. Share your feature with your social media audiences. When you get published, sharing your excitement with your social media followings gets others excited and talking about it! That's what it's all about, right? Publication is a partnership, and you get the most value and exposure when both sides are collaboratively getting the word out together.
- Chelsea of Tidewater and Tulle

6. Comment on your blog feature. Be sure to leave a comment on the blog once your feature has been published and check back to comment on any questions or remarks left by readers and the editor. This way you will further engage with the blog editor, the blog readership, and have another opportunity to build links back to your own website.
- Jemma of You Mean The World To Me

7. Do your research, know the blogger's style, and have an idea of their audience. There are so many blogs out there and spreading your features to just any blog might not be as helpful as some may think. Sometimes the value is not the quantity of blogs but the quality. So photographers/vendors should select blogs that speak directly to their style or the style of the feature being submitted and focus on that blog.
- Gee of Knotsvilla

8. Keep a spreadsheet with links to all your features! That way, when a prospective clients ask to see examples of your work, you can not only send them to your own galleries but link them to blog feature posts as well.
- Mindy of Budget Fairy Tale

9. Always, always, always let the blogger know ALL of your social media handles, especially if they are different on Twitter. Follow up with an email of that information if you need to. I just want to tag, mention, and generally involve you (and your followers) in the post promotion but I can't if I don't have your basic information.
- Cris of Kiss My Tulle

10. When posting the wedding/session on your own business blog, link to the original publication. To avoid killing SEO, write your own words about the wedding/session and then link back to the original blog feature. It generates content to your business blog, and it sends click-throughs to the original post.
- Ariana of Hey Wedding Lady

11. Schedule out tweets and/or Facebook mentions to your blog features… months after the original publication date! Refresh the old content. With the speed of social media, there is bound to be tons of people who missed your original announcement, especially new clients. Remind them of your accolades and why they hired the best to take care of them on their wedding day.
- Christen of Broke Ass Bride

12. Let the other wedding pros involved know about the feature. A wedding or shoot is a team effort! Don't forget to tag everyone involved in your social media mentions so they can get excited and share, too.
- Amy of Chic Vintage Brides

Do you have any tried-and-true advice from past experience? Share your other suggestions below!

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