Tidewater and Tulle 1st Anniversary Party

December 16, 2014

Sometimes you get proverbially hit by a freight hauler barreling in from out of nowhere, especially when you're distracted by and crawling over life's speed bumps. And that's how the Tidewater and Tulle 1st Anniversary Party happened… because the vendor fam that this blog represents sure did surprise me. Big time. I'm not sure if every single person who was involved truly, truly knows how much it meant to me. So, loudly and proudly, Internet, there are some amazing people out there, and I'm throwing my gratitude in confetti-like fashion to each of those persons for being a sunny spot on this editor's December.

With a personal invite designed by The Girl Tyler for "a vendor brunch" put on by Jamie Leigh Events at Maya Couture on Main, I showed up in Suffolk expecting to just have a nice break with friends. For someone who is far more comfortable giving other people the spotlight, I walked through the front door and immediately locked eyes on the rows of wedding gowns… until Jamie yelled, "Happy 1st Anniversary! Surprise!" and T.Y. Photography's flash went off.

And just like when my husband proposed to me, I looked around and uttered a "Wha-what?" Because yes, friends, my knee jerk reaction to surprises is some good ole-fashioned awkwardness. I'm pretty sure it took me all day to go through my index of hints, text messages, and tidbits dropped over a three weeks' period to realize, "Holy moly… they were planning this for me all along… how did I not even register it?!"

To know my love/obsession with macarons, photo booths, and themed parties, it was heart-squeezing and took everything I had to not get emotional right on the spot. Thank you, vendor fam. We really do have the best region around. ♥

[Not everyone who was involved could be there during that time, so they are here in this photo in spirit!]

Photography: T.Y. Photography // Event Coordination: Jamie Leigh Events // Venue: Maya Couture on Main // Event Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals // Linens: Waterford Event Rentals // Photo Booth: Snapqube // Stationery and Design: The Girl Tyler // Macarons: Hummingbird Macarons // Catering: Catherine's Catering // Florals: Roost Flowers