Tips to Organize Your Honeymoon Planning

October 7, 2014

Since I just returned from Saint Lucia, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, it's only perfect to bring up honeymoon organization! The fun part is that there are so many cool tools available to help you plan your honeymoon-- even from over 5 years ago when I went on my honeymoon!

The excitement of planning a trip with your beloved is high, so channel that into every aspect of the trip: food, things to see, activities, history, the people, the language. Everything. If you're already a bit Type A like I am, you'll probably squeal with delight. And if you're more of the go-with-the-flow type, you'll at least glean an organizational nugget or two to plan out your honeymoon!

Create a Pinterest board.

Nothing gets you more jazzed about a trip than seeing all of your destination photos in one place! Scour Pinterest for trip ideas and fun couples' excursions whether you're having a honeymoon in the States or internationally. Because of my food allergies, creating a trip Pinterest board gets my toes wet when it comes to what I could be facing food-wise. And if you know nothing about where you're going yet, Pinterest can also give you insight on the destination's historical sites, hot spots, and must-do local activities.

Download relevant travel apps.

If you want to go completely paperless for your honeymoon, download your airline or transportation apps with your boarding passes and tickets before you leave. Remember to take screenshots of everything just in case you don't have WiFi or cellular signal. Some of my favorite apps include: AirBnb, Find Me Gluten-Free, and HopStop.

Create a custom Google map.

If you're staying in one city and trying to keep track of locations and restaurants, create a custom map with Google! This will help you budget for local transportation (taxis, subway rides, et cetera) and figure out what passes or reservations need to be made for your activities or excursions. If you're going on a honeymoon cruise, then this might not be relevant to you, of course!

Create a spreadsheet itinerary.

My friends and family know me for my color-coded itineraries, and I use Google Docs (also now called Google Sheets) to lay out entire vacations. This allows me to take a step back and make sure all my informational tidbits are connected and flowing smoothly. I'll make packing notes or international customs notes (e.g., get cash out of the ATM due to lack of ATMs).

Print off or pin a honeymoon to-do list.

Like this one we so magically happen to have for you! It'll help you create your own more detailed list for your personalized and fabulous honeymoon.

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