Classic Country Drive Anniversary Session

October 8, 2014

This week, we have a ton of great wedding and marriage stories on the blog, and today is no exception as it's one of Tidewater and Tulle's contributing writers' very own anniversary session in Suffolk! Client-turned-close friend, Veronica always has a way with words, so I'll let her take it from here. :)

On August 4th, Orly and I celebrated our elopement anniversary. It's been a wonderful 8 years filled with joy, laughter, and our fair share of challenges. When I think about it, I can't really believe that we've been married that long! I think that the best advice I have for marriage is to be each other's best friend. You have to have and be that person that you can share your dreams and insecurities with no matter how ridiculous they are. That person is the one that will take all of you without judgment and support your crazy ideas or career aspirations. They're also the one to bring you back down to earth when you need it. The military spouse life has definitely taught me that things will never go according to your plans so don't stress over the small stuff. Life will be so much better if you just enjoy each other's company while you have it and worry about the important things in life. Everything else eventually falls into place.

One of my favorite memories in our marriage is when Orly set the oven on fire. I never have and never will let him live that one down. It was our first year of marriage, in our first home … and Orly wanted to reheat a pizza so he proceeded to put the entire box of pizza in the oven without my knowing. I was in the living room when I heard him yell, "The oven is on fire!" so I ran to the kitchen just as Orly was opening the oven door. Of course, the flames got bigger and at this point, his expression was priceless! In shock, he was flailing his arms wondering what to do, so I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.

We were cleaning the fire extinguisher residue off of our cabinets, oven, and floor for weeks. To this day, I am skeptical of my husband in the kitchen by himself, and I tease him all the time about it. Of course there's a very different version of this story told by Orly where he's the hero ... but I'm telling you, that night I will never forget!

Our session inspiration came mostly from Orly's new Corvette. We knew when we bought it last summer that we wanted to include it in our next shoot. It's always been Orly's dream car, and he was so excited to show it off! Initially, our shoot was supposed to take place on Memorial Day weekend, so we went with a nod to the classic 'red, white, and blue' without being too cheesy.

Chelsea found the perfect location on a beautiful country road, and I took to Pinterest to find the perfect country chic outfit. I'm a big city girl so I wanted to find the outfit that felt like me! Orly's outfit came together easily, of course, and we coordinated for a patriotic, classic car driving duo look.

Photography: Bit of Ivory Photography // Location: Private Residence // Hair and Makeup: Veil Studios