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Bridal Dress Trends for 2015

Going to Bridal Market in NYC earlier this month gave me a great glimpse into what we can expect in a lot of bridal gowns that will soon be popping up in bridal boutiques everywhere. From glamorous to relaxed to classic, we're revealing some things that get us excited for that dream gown in the next year.


From lace to beads to plunging lines, bridal gowns were not missing a worthy statement when it came to the backs.

Watters, Spring 2015

Isabelle Armstrong, Fall 2015


Veils and hair accessories sparkled with golden flakes and hues.

Olivia, 2015

Carol Hannah, Fall 2015


Touches of elegant furs (faux and real), richly woven fabric like brocade, and dramatic laces, gothic romance is in.

Modern Trousseau, Fall 2015


With beaded embellishments, layered fabrics, and intricate designs, bridal gowns and accessories show personality for all different types of brides.

Carol Hannah, Fall 2015

Truvelle, 2015


From blush to gray, wedding gowns with a tint of color are freshening up dreamy bridal looks.

Modern Trousseau, Fall 2015

Watters, Spring 2015

If you're in Hampton Roads, you can find a few of these designers at local boutiques such as Modern Trousseau and Wtoo at Ava Clara in Virginia Beach and Watters at Pure English Bridal

Which trend are you most excited about?

All photos by Bit of Ivory Photography.

Glamorous Rustic Wedding

Set off the beaten path in Suffolk, Virginia, Cherry Grove Plantation became the perfect setting for an elegant down home affair with a kick of glamour. From the gorgeous rustic ceremony site to the glittering reception, Hector and Whitney dreamed up a celebration for their loved ones that included southern BBQ staples, customized corn hole boards, a relaxing fire pit for the evening hours, and a custom prop frame for photo fun.

Being a blended family, these two lovebirds are dedicated to their loved ones and their own brand of quiet, determined love. As we see captured by Lindsay Collette, it's a beautiful thing to witness, especially on a day such as this.

Photography: Lindsay Collette // Lighting: Big Top Entertainment // Event Venue: Cherry Grove Plantation // DJ: Colonial DJs // Bridal Gown: David's Bridal // Florals: Jeff's Flowers, of Course! // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men's Wearhouse // Cake: Merrill's Desserts // Catering: Mobile Pic-Nic Catering // Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Elements of Art and Principles of Design for Weddings

Before the wedding industry took hold of every corner of my heart and life over five years ago, I was a private school art teacher (the one with the English degree and a whole ton of art college credits since high school as my vocation was supposed to be in Art Education! Hello, life changing courses times a million!). So the art world is still very close to my heart, and it's hard for me to separate the two. As photographers, editors, and couples alike, we know the feeling when something "feels" good in a wedding photo, and sometimes we aren't quite sure why. We just know. Well, my friends, that feeling has two names, and they are called the Elements of Art and Principles of Design!

When you train your eye to spot these different elements and principles in photographs, your brain will start to automatically acknowledge the difference between a strong photo and a weak one. When you can call out a specific element that dominates the photo (like texture, balance, et cetera), you are starting to see the puzzle pieces that make up and contribute to a true work of art.

The great thing about art and photography in general is that each work is comprised of several different elements and principles. There isn't just one. Think of it like a recipe! To make a delicious dish, you need several ingredients. Those individual ingredients then work together to create something fabulous as a whole-- different flavors to create one unified edible delight. And for weddings, that's key to many memories and inspiration!

So get ready to hear what's up behind that gorgeous photo you pinned on Pinterest!


Line - n. a mark created by moving a point along in one direction.

Space - n. the area around between and around objects.

Texture - n. the look and feel of a surface.

Shape - n. an object represented in two dimensions.

Form - n. a three-dimensional object having volume and thickness.

Value - n. the degree between light and dark in a design.

Color - n. the element of art that is derived from reflected light.


Movement - n. an illusion created by the artist to convey action in a piece of stationary art.

Unity/Harmony - n. the quality of wholeness achieved by such manipulation of the elements of art to achieve simplicity and repetition.

Variety - n. the use of several elements of design to hold the viewer’s attention and to guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork.

Balance - n. an equal arrangement of specific elements within a composition deliberately organized by the artist.

Emphasis - n. the principle of design that appears to be the dominant, or the most noticeable quality in a work of art.

Contrast - n. the visual created by using opposites near or beside one another, such as light next to dark or a rough texture next to a smooth texture.

Proportion - n. the feeling of unity created when all parts (sizes, amounts, or number) relate well with each other.

Pattern - n. a principle of design that refers to the visual movement created by repeating specific elements of art.

All photos by Bit of Ivory Photography.

Fun and Quirky Military Wedding

Sarah and Ryan thought of every detail imaginable and created the quintessential crazy-fun epic wedding. Every small detail was purposeful and planned, and beautifully orchestrated into an incredibly memorable event for their friends and family. The guests were treated with custom sunglasses, personalized mason jars, a cigar bar, light wands for the grand exit, and even a slow-mo photo booth. Hello, fun times ahead!

Staying in the vein of personalization, every table and buffet station was named for key locations in Sarah and Ryan's relationship, and Sarah even made the cake toppers herself! Coordinated by Sunkissed Events and Design and wonderfully captured by Common Spark Media, you can just feel the celebratory energy! Now pass over some shades and let's dance!

Photography: Common Spark Media // Ceremony Venue: The Sacred Heart Catholic Church // Reception Venue: Hermitage Museum and Gardens // Event Planner: Sunkissed Events and Design // Catering: Chef by Design Catering Co. // Handmade Goods: DIY by Bride and Groom // Makeup Artist: Behind the Veil Studio // Bakery: Incredible Edibles Bakery // Florals: Leslie Hartig Floral Design // Videography: Lovell Productions // Event Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals // Slo Mo Photo Booth: The Beat Films // Lighting: Blue Steel Lighting Design // Band: Vinyl Headlights // Wedding Gown: The Clothes Rack // Furniture Rentals: Bluebird's Garage // Trolley: Taylor's Classic Travels // Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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