Quirky Comic Book Store Engagement Session

September 8, 2014

Their engagement started with a comic book. You see, Aaron proposed with Christian Slade's Korgi, a comic book featuring, well, an adorable corgi. It just so happens that the little pup is Megan's favorite, and so Aaron had a plan. As they were walking around the Neptune Festival, Aaron casually handed over the doggy-bearing comic book to Megan. As she was flipping through the pages, she came across a sticky note. But not just any sticky note. A little sticky note that had two little words scrawled on it: "Will you?"

So with a story like that, it was only obvious that their actual engagement session with Bit of Ivory Photography (lil ole me!) paid homage to that fateful day and fateful book. With the help of Local Heroes Comics on Colonial Ave. in Norfolk, Megan got her very own hero for the day and Aaron was one very happy guy surrounded by cool art and his leading lady.

Photography: Bit of Ivory Photography // Location: Local Heroes Comic Books