Suffolk Anniversary Session by Maria Grace Photography

Although they have spent most of their marriage separated by hundreds of miles, their story is one so familiar to our local area: Crystal, serving our country in the military, is living in Hampton Roads while Kinan is over 7 hours away working and waiting weeks, sometimes months, to see his wife.

For their first anniversary, they decided to have portraits taken with Maria Grace Photography, and it couldn't have been a more perfect way to celebrate their first anniversary together, side by side. At their wedding last year, they went without shoes, so you'll soon see the sweet tribute they made to symbolize that part of their relationship.

With all anniversary features, it's the best when we get to hear straight from the couple themselves, and so Crystal shares her marriage story:

One thing I've learned from the beginning of our relationship is "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Our being so close, yet so far apart has really helped our marriage grow stronger, and it allows us space to miss each other. Regardless of how much time we've spent apart, when we're back in each other's arms, our hearts are in unison.

One piece of advice I could give to any and every couple, engaged or married for 20+ years... Keep God first in your marriage. Have faith. When times are good, pray. When times are bad, pray. God is the one who will remind you that times won't always be perfect, but it's the imperfections that keep you grounded in each other.

Photography: Maria Grace Photography