Nostalgic CNU Engagement by Amanda Truth Photography

July 9, 2014

Way back to their freshman year at Christopher Newport University, Jessica and Ben met in their dorm, York River East. They were just friends all through college, but Jessica transferred to a different university halfway through her college career and then after they both respectively graduated from their universities, Ben moved to California for work. Thanks to the powers of the internet and ways to keep in touch long-distance, they remained friends and kept in touch.

Eventually, they met up again, decided to start dating, and now, four years later, they are getting married! Photographed by Amanda Truth Photography, these two knew their engagement session had to be where it all began. So the week of their wedding, they took a nostalgic, laid-back stroll through the CNU campus, exploring the new buildings and visiting the old. One perfect prologue to their new chapter together.

Photography: Amanda Truth Photography // Venue: Christopher Newport University // Submitted via Two Bright Lights