Hampton Coliseum Jam Wedding Inspiration

June 5, 2014

As the first large multi-purpose arena in Hampton Roads, what is affectionately known in some music aficionado circles as "The Mothership" sits the Hampton Coliseum. With its funky-colored uplighting around its massive girth, the Coliseum is home to many huge events, especially to popular and well-loved bands.

Since the Coliseum opened up in 1970, Formerly the Warlocks by the Grateful Dead, Hampton Coliseum (Live 1981) by the Rolling Stones, Hampton Comes Alive by Phish, and Live Trax Volume 7 by the Dave Matthews Band were all live-recorded within these walls.

So if you're a local concert lover, consider this jam-inspired wedding theme for your big day. Using bold reception lighting, futuristic lines in your wedding attire, and funky shapes and textures, you can pay homage to your eclectic choice of music, life, and love... and of course, don't forget the epic live band to get your wedding guests rocking out on the dance floor!

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Marquee Arrow Light: Urban Outfitters // Futuristic White Dress: AQ/AQ // Green Reception Lighting: Nordica Photography // Red shoes: Sarah Rhoads via Style Me Pretty // Hampton Coliseum: Yelp