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Wedding Workspaces: Dhalia Edwards

I'm so excited to finally introduce our newest series! So many times, the reason many professionals come into the wedding industry is because they want to help leave a beautiful mark on their couples' special days, whether that's through makeup, planning, or entertainment. And most always, that inner desire eventually manifests in their creative workspaces.

Through Wedding Workspaces, we are showcasing Hampton Roads-based wedding pros and where they create throughout the week when not on location for a wedding. Weddings never are one-day gigs; it typically takes months and days to be part of that special celebration... so we might as well feel cozy for the day in, day out tasks!

Today, we have makeup artist and vendor fam Dhalia Edwards and her chic and modern makeup studio in Virginia Beach. Through black, white, and gold accents, you'll swoon at what she has going on!

What was your inspiration for the space?

The adorable office of Jessie, founder of the online boutique of pretty party supplies, Shop Sweet Lulu.

Give three adjectives to describe how you want your clients to feel coming into your workspace.

Coming into my studio and leaving, I want my clients to feel: Happy, Beautiful, and Fierce.

What's your favorite part of the workspace?

Although I love the entire space, I would have to say my makeup drawer system. lol ... Yes, out of all things. I'm so glad to have a permanent home for all my beauty products.

Do you have any interesting or fun locally-based details in your workspace?

Actually yes! When I told the news to my family about making the decision to get a studio, my Dad called me up and asked if there was anything I wanted him to make for my space. He's a custom welder and works in metal fabrication, so I asked him to make me a pair of large jacks that I could spray paint gold. :) LOVE them!

Have any personal stories of designing, building, or creating?

The idea for the studio d├ęcor and bringing my Pinterest inspiration photo to life wouldn't have been possible without the help of my sister, Andrieka Myers. She's a graphic designer at Dominion Enterprises and has a an eye for detail and overall look when it comes to interior design. My first purchase for the space was the large canvas from Barrett Street Antique Mall in Virginia Beach. It reminded me of a fierce bride or bridesmaid, so I bought it, and we worked around that while keeping it basic, clean, simple, and modern.

You can get to know Dhalia through her pins on Pinterest and great makeup shares on Facebook.

Photography: Tiltawhirl Imagery

Rustic and Handmade Hunt Club Farm Wedding by EyeCaptures Photography

Between the cozy rustic touches and the adorable daughter of the bride and groom, this handmade wedding at Hunt Club Farm from Bryan of EyeCaptures Photography will warm your heart.

Megan and Jon met each other while working together at Wells Fargo in Norfolk, but their engagement story took them away to the Big Apple while they were filming with Fox and Friends for a Christmas special that Jon's mother's company orchestrated. Christmas? New York? You can imagine how dreamy that must have been!

"Our little Abigail was born last August, and she is the center of our worlds and completed our little family!" the bride shared. As you will soon see below, this cutest flowergirl ever almost steals the show. Being one of the few barn wedding locations in Hampton Roads, Hunt Club Farm set the stage perfectly for Megan and Jon's memorable and close-knit day with family and friends.

Photography: EyeCaptures Photography // Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hunt Club Farm // Entertainment: Magical Solutions // Hair: State your Hair // Makeup: Faces by Rebecca Wood // Bridal Gown: Silk Bridal Studio // Menswear: Men's Wearhouse // Florals: Norfolk Florist // Sweets: Carolina Cupcakery

What to Do With Wedding Leftovers

So you've got a ton of leftover stuff from the wedding. What do you do with it all? I'm not a fan of excess, but I am a huge fan of recycling and donating, so today's Tuesday Tidbits is all about what to do with all that stuff post-wedding. From florals to food to centerpieces, there's a new home and a new life for everything. :)

What to do with your LEFTOVER FLORALS...

Bundle the flowers into small bouquets and deliver them to a local nursing home the next day. If you're headed on your honeymoon, ask a loved one to take on the task. Not only will you know that your floral budget was worth every penny, you'll really brighten someone's day. There are many nursing homes and assisted care facilities around Hampton Roads, and a good website to start your search is Assisted Living Federation of America.

What to do with your LEFTOVER CATERED FOOD and WEDDING CAKE...

Contact one of our local food banks to find out how your leftover food can be put to good use. While most food banks only deal with non-perishable food items, the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank has a Food Rescue & Neighbor to Neighbor program that can get leftover food from the reception to local shelters, soup kitchens, and feeding programs that same day. If you're located on the Southside, The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia also has a similar food rescue program that you contact for further information.

What to do with your LEFTOVER DECOR...

Inquire with local florists about reselling or gifting. Have a ton of hard-to-find gorgeous centerpiece vessels? Check with your florist and see if she might want them! Wedding vendors love unique finds, and if you've saved them time and some money in finding a great quantity of something special, you just might become their favorite newlyweds ever.

Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Located all over Hampton Roads and North America, Goodwill and Salvation Army are two longstanding organizations who turns donations into jobs, community programs, and much more. That one vintage chair that you used at your sweetheart table could turn into an entire domino effect of good feelings.

Inquire with local vintage rental companies about reselling or gifting. If you were a DIYer and antique shopper extraordinaire, it's likely you gathered some unique furniture pieces or tableware for your big day. Some local companies will purchase it to add to their collections. Everyone will have different policies and style, so look over their websites. The worst they could say is no or the best is that your pantry set was a furniture piece they had been looking for!

What to do with your LEFTOVER BRIDAL GOWN...

Preserve, resell, or donate. Dry cleaning and preserving it for future generations is always a great way to go, but if your gown doesn't hold a lot of sentimental meaning, look into reselling it to one of the local bridal consignment shops, such as Silk Bridal Studio in Virginia Beach and Blush Bridal in Newport News. And if you want to give even more, consider donating it to Brides Against Breast Cancer, a great organization who resells your gown through their big "Nationwide Tour of Gowns" fundraising event.

What to do with your LEFTOVER STATIONERY...

Get crafty. From shadow boxes to Christmas ornaments, you can mount, cut, and curl that beautiful wedding invitation into something else to display throughout your home together as newlyweds. Clear Christmas ornaments with curled strips of invitation inside are sweet touches to any Christmas tree!

Frame and gift to your parents. Take your full invitation suite, get it professionally framed, and give to the ones who supported you throughout the planning process as a thank you.

What to do with your LEFTOVER WEDDING FAVORS...

Include them into little goodie bags and donate to children's programs, if age appropriate. If you had little tubes of bubbles for your exit, there's a chance not everyone grabbed one, so donate your excess of bubbles to kiddos. Look into your local churches and schools that might have not generous budgets for "extra treats." Go the extra mile with your donation and pair the bubbles with some individually-wrapped candy, and boom! The bubbles live on.

Donate to arts and crafts summer programs for the elderly or children. Whether they're mini flowerpots or bells, it's very likely they can be used in a craft project somewhere by the imaginative minds of children and grownups alike. Ask around to your local teacher friends and nursing facility professionals for insight; they may be looking for just what you have!

Do you have any other wedding leftover stories or suggestions to share? Leave a comment below!

Photos by Bit of Ivory Photography. For the full feature and vendor credits of this Virginia Beach 1960's-inspired stylized shoot, head over to Ruffled.

Modern Trousseau Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Just the name Modern Trousseau strikes every little old soul string in my body. For someone who longs for the old world in a modern day society, I'd say this bridal designer has found a big fan in me (but we already knew that when I was fortunate to have their Daphne (Fall 2011) gown in a 1960's-inspired stylized wedding shoot last year!

Today, we have VIP access to the new Spring 2015 bridal collection from Modern Trousseau! And don't worry, brides, when you "see the one," the best part is that you can order any of these beautiful wardrobe heirlooms locally at Ava Clara Bridal in Virginia Beach. I have it confirmed by the lovely Karen and Alex that these are ready for the picking even though the entire collection might not be in the shop yet.

Lead founder and designer, Callie Tien, writes that this gorgeous collection was "inspired by vintage textures and fabrics in fresh, flattering silhouettes. Our old-world guipure laces are paired with luxuriously soft Italian organzas and chiffon voiles for a collection that is couture at its best."

Yep, be still my heart. Just take a look for yourself!

I know I shouldn't play favorites, but the Mila is so swoonable. With its classic look, bateau neckline, cap sleeves, and layers upon layers of delicate French tulle, I'm pretty sure I need a vow renewal stat.

How about you, readers? What's your Modern Trousseau favorite if you could play dress-up in any of them?

Gown Names in Order of Presentation:
Mila, Mila (with veil), Bryton, Edie, Faith, Scout, Logan, Harmony, Fawn, Brynn, Vera, and Tess

Olde Towne Portsmouth Engagement by Audrey Rose Photography

It was like something out of a well-loved chick flick. Young girl meets young boy. Young girl doesn't like young boy. Young girl becomes a young lady and becomes friends with young man... and you get the idea. Basically, we love it. :)

Lindsay and Alex actually met middle school through a mutual friend, and like most pre-teen girls, Lindsay was vocal about not being Alex's biggest fan (a fact he still brings up today). And as all the best love stories are wont to do, a friendship blossomed between the two while Lindsay was at ODU. Over the months, they however lost touch until one fateful day at at Busch Gardens. I'll let the lovely bride take it from here...

I was with a few friends, and he happened to be with my cousin April. I, of course, ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. We ended up all hanging out together for the rest of the evening. After that, we started texting each other quite frequently and hanging out on the weekends. Alex was on 2nd shift at the time, so our friendship went as far as seeing each other just on the weekends.

I started inviting him over on the weekends to watch football games, and of course, my mom was wondering if there was more to it than just friends because she knew that he didn't care much for football.

After two months and heavily denying everything to my mother and friends, Alex and I officially starting dating on November 4, 2012. As our relationship progressed, we both knew that we wanted to be together forever. Alex proposed on January 25, 2014 at the Cellars in Virginia Beach. It was a very classic engagement, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I had just gotten back from a girls weekend in Vegas, and for about a month, Alex had been saying that he wanted to have a nice date night since we hadn't been on one since November. So he said a guy at work had mentioned this nice restaurant in the basement of a B&B, and he wanted to take me there. I had worn my favorite orange dress (the one in our engagement pictures) and Alex work a buttoned down shirt (which is very rare for him) but I just thought it was a nice restaurant.

After Alex and I finished our appetizers, I noticed that he was under the table, "searching for a dropped napkin." The next thing I knew he was on one knee in front of me.

Photography: Audrey Rose Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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