Local Wedding Happs, March Edition

Happs: n. a quirky term for "happenings" or could be a silly shortening of "happy."
(We'll let you take your pick.)

We're headed into full-on wedding season, and new offerings and happenings are thriving in the 757 to prep for it! :)

Virginia Beach Officiant Offers Marriage Toolkit Workshop
The concept of "marriage counseling" has been said to be antiquated, and that couldn't be further from the truth. It is more important than ever in today's modern marriages! And that's where Reverend Ken Lane steps in. He's created a fun one evening of pre-marriage counseling for Hampton Roads locals that covers many of the basics but a lot more and then the practical communication tools to deal with them! We at Tidewater and Tulle believe weddings are great, but we wholeheartedly believe marriage is more important. For his next workshop information and further details, head over to his website.

Suspended Wedding Elements are Taking Over Hampton Roads
It all started with Kaley Cuoco's suspended cake back in January... and it now has traveled right into the 757 area! Palette of Petals has started to offer suspended florals and Stage Right Lighting has been showcasing quite a few different suspension systems for other vendors, including a reception swing for guests!

Cavalier Hotel Named Historical Landmark
Hampton Roads.com reported that the iconic Old Cavalier received Virginia Landmark status and is hoping for national status! What does this mean for weddings? Well, it secures the landmark for tax breaks to help restore and maintain the beautiful piece of local history... and after some uncertain years with rumors of being demolished or sold, this means that the Old Cav will continue to be the setting for many gorgeous Gatsby-inspired weddings to come.

European Entertainment Trends: Silent Disco
Party of one? Three DJs? Headphones? Sounds kinda strange at first, right? Astro Entertainment recently unveiled the "silent disco" to their entertainment offerings. The European concept of wireless headphones and music actually isn't a new concept, but it's gained popularity in the recent years in the wedding world. And now it's here in Hampton Roads via Astro! Does your venue have an early noise curfew? Or want to be the talk of reception trendsetting? Look into hosting a silent disco. It's a hear it and believe it kind of thing!

Vintage Rentals Thriving
The cool thing about vintage rentals is that there really is no one like furniture piece. It's a curated business sewn together by a love of antique stores and handmade things. With different personalities and wedding themes, it's a good thing to have options! We have two new vintage rental companies in town, Vintage I Do (a collaboration between Sweetwater Cuisine and Isha Foss Events) on the Southside and Unearthed on the Peninsula. Both serving all of Hampton Roads for the old souls in us!

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