Rustic Fields of Suffolk Wedding Inspiration

March 13, 2014

Oh, rustic dreaminess. Depending on the crop year, you can see peanut, cotton, or wheat fields for miles if you take the drive out to rural Suffolk during harvest season. While we aren't the Midwest or America's Breadbasket, those "amber waves of grain" exist here in Hampton Roads! And it's just golden gorgeousness. (And a very popular setting for photo sessions in the late summer and early fall!)

Using the fields of Suffolk as inspiration, this rustic wedding is more casual and homegrown. Any couple who loves the country and its less formal appeal would be more drawn to be inspired by the crops themselves. So break out the sweet tea and sweet potato biscuits for this type of wedding!

Cotton bouquet: Perez Photography via Brides // Rustic menu: Rylee Hitchner via Once Wed // Soybean Fields: Lori Frisch // Gingham Groom: KT Merry via Southern Weddings // Ham biscuits: Elisa B Photography via Southern Weddings // Peanut favors: Spindle Photography via Southern Weddings

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