Tuesday Tidbits | Having a Strong Marriage

It's obvious that we love weddings here at Tidewater and Tulle, but we cannot lie... we do love marriage a little bit more. Emotionally and financially, investing in a wedding is a huge deal for all of us-- it's a big celebration for our closest loved ones. One of the rare times when you really do have everyone you love under one roof. That alone is very special!

Throughout my own engagement, I was constantly reminded, "The wedding is great, but the marriage is more." We're in it for the long haul. We didn't spend all that money for nothin'. As a photographer, I continually remind my couples weeks before the big days to make sure they go on a date night-- no wedding-related stuff allowed!

When times get tough, you need something solid and built to rely on. So I asked our Tidewater and Tulle Vendor Family some tried-and-true marriage tips. It doesn't matter if you've been married once or twice; we all know some definite do's.

Antonia Christianson Events
Married for 8 Years

"Make your spouse as much of a priority as your children, career, and home."

Favorite Local Date Night:
Zia Marie in Virginia Beach
"A great small Italian Restaurant at Chic's Beach.
It's where we go for my birthday every year and I love it!"

Atlantic Digital Entertainment
Married for 10 Years

"Work at it, work at it, work at it! Everyone is so different in life - so being flexible and understanding of each other's thoughts and feelings are a must!"

Favorite Local Date Night/Day:
PF Chang's and the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach
"If we're doing dinner out our favorite dinner date is PF Changs. We're pretty low key and more morning people than night people so that's a little treat for us. :) More than anything though-- our most ideal date is taking our bikes to the boardwalk on Saturday morning, having brunch at the Oceanfront, and then relaxing in the sun, post-bike ride!"

Bit of Ivory Photography
Married for 4 Years

"Laugh together. A lot. Even if you're stressed or frustrated, always remember to laugh."

Favorite Local Date Night:
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg
"We may not ride the rollercoasters, but we love just wandering around either getting ice cream or hot cocoa depending on the season!"

Sunkissed Events and Design
Married for 3 Years, 6 Months

"Teamwork and communication. My husband and I make a great team, whether it's making dinner together, assembling a piece of furniture or doing yardwork. I think it's about helping each other for one main goal!"

Favorite Local Date Night:
Razzo's in Oceanview Norfolk
"It's a local italian spot and yummy!"

Makeup by Kim Porter
Married for 10 Years

"Get a hobby! Some couples like to play golf or take up running together, we like to do demolition and renovations in our home. We realized this mutual hobby in our first home, and 4 years later in our second home, we are still going strong as weekend warriors."

Favorite Local Date Night:
El Taco Loco in Virginia Beach
"Our favorite date night is to catch dinner at our local Mexican restaurant!"

What are some of your marriage tips? Or do you have a favorite date night? Comment below!