Our First Annual Community "Love Notes"

February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day, and instead of a regular ole Friday Recap, we opened up today's post to the community with our own kind of proposal... to encourage friends from all over to give some love, especially to those who might not be expecting it. Whether it's to grandma, your kitty sitter, or your spouse, there is always a reason to give love. :)

Dear Sarah,
You're my girl! I know I can count on you for ice cream and sushi when I'm down and out.
- Olivia (Raleigh, NC)

Dear Tim,
You are my soulmate, and I love waking up every morning to you and our sons.
- Tina (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dear Sam,
Every moment of my life before you prepared me for you. Every moment of my life since you is more full because I share them with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
- Terri (Norfolk, VA)

Dear Mom and Rusty,
Thanks for supporting me and being my number one cheerleaders, even when I don't feel like I deserve it. Your encouragement keeps me going. Mom, thanks for always connecting with me on different levels, even through Facebook comments, despite our living together. lol Rusty, thank you for always making me PB&J sammiches regardless of the amount of days in a row I've requested them. Love you each and both!
- Chelsea (Williamsburg, VA)

Dear Mike, Alexis, and Dylan,
I would like to send my love to my husband Mike and my two beautiful children, Alexis and Dylan! I love you very much!
- Kim (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dear Chelsea, Lindsea, and Rusty,
I want to tell my daughters how much I love them! I moved mountains... okay, so I didn't move them, I flew over them, but I plan to spend the rest of my life showing them everyday just how much I love them and that they enrich my life in so many, many ways. I also want to mention my love and admiration for my new little family unit which includes my son-in-law Rusty. I'm enjoying the love we all share together. :)
- Love from the Momma (Williamsburg, VA)

Dear Sara,
Thank you for being the best sister ever even though I left my Facebook open and you wrote your greatness to my entire newsfeed. Dork.
- Gena (Chesapeake, VA)

Dear Rebecca, Tess, and Tucker,
So glad to have housemates like you! I definitely could not be getting through Bio Chem this semester without you (and our mealtimes). #seriously
- Danielle (Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Ethan,
I can't wait to be your wife next year! Happy Valentine's Day!
- Kaitlin (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dear Mom,
Your way of making the simplest activity an adventure, celebrating even the small holidays, and turning an ordinary day into an exciting one with a "surprise" showers love over all of us. You brighten my life just by being your caring, intentional, loving self. I love you beyond words. Happy Valentine's Day!
- Love, Karen (Williamsburg, VA)

Dear Tidewater and Tulle Community,
I wanted to thank you for being here. For making all of this possible. Your love and support for this local blog mean the world to me, and it fuels me to keep on chuggin' and strivin' to create great content that we can all be a part of.
- Chelsea :)

Thank you to everyone who wrote in (and who shared our announcement)! Hopefully this will become an annual tradition since we received such a good response for the first go-round. Didn't get a chance to write yours in? Leave a little love note in the comments below or head to our Facebook page to leave one there! :)