Tuesday Tidbits | Date Night Makeup Tips by Kim Porter

We have a great treat for you lady readers today! With Valentine's Day later this week, Kim of Makeup by Kim Porter is sharing some great tips in how to be "date night perfect." Weddings are awesome, but building the foundation for a great marriage is something we love and support. And date nights are very much a part of that whether you're plopped on the couch together or wining and dining. So I'll let her take it away!


I love spending date night with my husband to reconnect and unwind. It always feels like we are running into two different directions, so it is nice to spend time, laugh, and leave the worries and stress at home. As a parent of two little ones, it is great to eat and to finish a sentence without interruption! Making time for a date night reinforces that your relationship is a priority and that is important for every marriage.

Date night is also a great time to get out of those sweatpants, put on some makeup, and feel pretty! Since that's what I do, I thought I would share some tips to help you achieve the perfect date night makeup:

* Choose colors that naturally look good on you. When you want to play up your eyes, use contrasting colors like copper and golds for blue eyes, purple and plums for green eyes, and navy and purple for brown eyes. Sweep the color lightly onto your lid and onto the top and bottom lash line for your eyes to really pop!

* If you are going bold with your lip color, choose a matte or a long-lasting formula so you are not worried about re-applying your lipstick all night long. Waterproof and long-lasting formulas will ensure that your makeup looks fresh and beautiful all night long no matter how late you're out!

* Smooth lips make kissable lips! A great tip to exfoliate your lips is to dampen a toothbrush and gently brush your lips for a few seconds, then apply a lip moisturizer to keep them nice and soft!

* Moisturize. Especially in the winter, this will help your skin give a good base for your makeup especially when you go into restaurants with dry heaters.

* Be yourself. Your significant other loves you for you for a reason. Go with natural looks that you feel beautiful in. And don't be afraid to glam it up if that's you!

Do you have your own personal beauty secret to share with the 757? Write a comment below!

Kim Porter is part of the Tidewater and Tulle Vendor Fam. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply your makeup, she offers makeup lessons in her studio! Please visit her website for more information.

All photos by John Cachero and makeup by Kim Porter.