Surprise Proposal and Engagement Session in Virginia Beach by TY Photography

January 20, 2014

So you know those rom-com movies where you are completely immersed into the story and your hand slips from under your chin because your heart skipped a beat? Yeah, that's pretty much what happened here as I read Christy's story. I just need to let her tell it!

So in October, I got a letter from Groupon stating I had won a giveaway for photos by T.Y. Photography. Morgan and I have empty picture frames all over the house so I jumped at this opportunity. In November, the day of the photoshoot came and Morgan was as cool as a cucumber. He gave away no clues at all that this day was going to change our lives. We went to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, and it was sunny and 75 degrees. It couldn't have even more beautiful!

After a few photos and an outfit change, Morgan told me he brought his flag so that we could recreate my absolute favorite picture. So he holds up the flag, and we are kissing and giggling then I open my eyes to find that he is holding a ring in his hand!!! He dropped to his knee right there and asked me to be his wife.

Clearly, I said yes and cried and hugged him and cried some more! He and Tianna let me in on their secret-- I, in fact, did not win a Groupon. This day had been in the works for a while. As we leave what I now know was our engagement photoshoot, I called my friend Jessica to let her know we needed to get champagne and celebrate the news! When we pulled up to the house, Morgan told me we were not going to be going to dinner. He opened the door, and inside was the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on!

There, in my living room, were both of our parents whom he had flown in for the occasion as well as his brother, Lindsey, and all of our closest friends. I cried... and cried... and cried some more. Our Dads made beautiful toasts as they welcomed us in to each other's families. It was beyond the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined.

Morgan, I do believe you have won the Best Boyfriend-Turned-Fiancé Award! Thank you to Tianna of TY Photography for sharing this proposal with us! It's a Tidewater and Tulle first! :)

Photography: TY Photography // Submission via Two Bright Lights