Tuesday Tidbits | Thank You Card Etiquette and Free Printable

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, those post-wedding blues. Those who have had a wedding know it's definitely a legit thing! But you can help soothe those blues by reliving that beautiful day through one very important part of getting married: Thank You Cards. I'm a huge fan of Emily Post, a woman who pioneered modern day etiquette in the early 1900's, so in today's Tuesday Tidbits, we are taking a few notes from her book (or moreso her great-grandson's wife, Peggy Post, who now is the Emily Post spokeswoman) along with some fabulous freebies from a local stationery guru, Tyler Adams.

How long do I have to write my Thanks You's?
Within three months after the wedding, you will want to mail off your notes of thanks. Peggy suggests setting a daily goal of writing a few a day to avoid the massive amount close to the three month's mark.

Who receives a note?
Not just the gift givers, but also the people involved in making your amazing day, well, amazing. These can include: your bridal party, your bridal shower hostesses, your wedding vendors, and your parents or whoever hosted the festivities with their homes, gifts, or monies.

What kind of stationery should I use?
Peggy Post says, "Stationery is the operative word here: No fill-in-the-blank cards, no pre-printed message cards, no phone calls, no emails and no generic post on your website!"

What's a perfect Thank You Note?
To go along with the above etiquette tips, Tyler also threw in her top tip when working with clients from all over Hampton Roads.

She said, "Make it personal! The people you invited to your wedding are most likely VIPs in your life (or at least to your family), so take the time to write a message that is specific to your relationship and the gift. It's also great to let the person know how the gift will be used."

(e.g., Thank you so much for the the red tea kettle. It is already brightening up our kitchen and we look forward to using it every day this winter to make our morning coffee.)

Now what's my next step?
Let's put some action behind these tidbits! We have two amazing little freebies from The Girl Tyler that you can print off right at home for those personal Thank You needs!

I'm ready to start writing!
To download, just click on the links below the pinnable graphic. There are two designs: one a bit more colonial and one a bit more whimsical. Take your pick, save/download, print on some nice cardstock, and then write!

[Classic Colonial-Inspired Printable ONE | Modern Whimsical-Inspired Printable TWO]

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Emily Post tidbits came directly from their website.