Docking this Winter...

July 1, 2013

Earlier this year, I attended a workshop led by some incredible professional wedding bloggers to learn more about the publishing world to benefit my photography and stylized shoot businesses. What I hadn't planned on was the spark that ignited as a result of that... I fell in love with the professional blogging world. I admired them for creating a special niche in their blog-style specialties but especially that they helped inspire couples' wedding visions.

I left that workshop with the question, "How cool would it be to bring a localized blog to Hampton Roads? To create that same environment for the incredible talent we have? To help inspire brides and grooms with all of what our region has to offer for weddings?"

The power of wedding blogs is such a beautiful one. When I sent a survey to 20+ local vendors (all ranging from florists to cake artists), 100% said that their engaged couples used Pinterest and wedding blogs to help plan their weddings. Times have changed even when I was married almost 4 years ago!

Docking on December 2, 2013, Tidewater and Tulle will be the wedding inspiration blog for couples getting married in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. You will be inspired by real Hampton Roads weddings and engagements, amazing local vendors, and unique stylized shoots. Whether it is in the sands of Virginia Beach or in the historic Williamsburg, Tidewater and Tulle will showcase the diversity of America’s first region through one-of-a-kind weddings.

And because those who might already know me, you know there is some meaning behind the branding! The blog's colors represent the land ("Tidewater") and the water ("Hampton Roads"). And just a little history nerd fact for you... "roads" actually refers to the many waterways surrounding our region! I know. Mindblown like I was, huh? :)

I have to thank the early supporters of Tidewater and Tulle-- friends, family, vendor-friends, and fellow bloggers. Your messages of "It's about time!" and "Why am I not surprised you're the gal behind this?" have truly meant the world to me. I very much look forward to this new adventure and to introducing the blog's other team members as time unfolds.

Over the next few months, I invite you to look through the website to get a feel for what's coming soon as well as our Pinterest for the visuals pre-launch. We have some fantastic things in store as we prepare for the big launch on December 2nd.

Chelsea :)
Editor & Founder

** Umm, so why December, Chelsea? Oh so many reasons but what better time than the start of engagement season? And a little personal homage to my very own anniversary month. :)