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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Friendly, Relaxed, and Confident is the kind of couple that Kelley of Kelley Stinson Photography dreams about. With a laid back personality, Kelley's past couples have complimented her professionalism and joyful attitude. Being happy in your work is vital! No matter if it's challenging or frustrating, being able to remember why you do what you do and what brings you joy is so important... and it shows in Kelley's work!

Kelley Stinson Photography for weddings in Virginia Beach Virginia

As much as she loves the details of a wedding day and capturing all the small things that go into making a big day beautiful, it's the moments in between that get Kelley. When bridesmaids see the bride for the first time, the look between the two lovebirds right before they kiss, but especially when the mother and her son dance. It's the boy mom in Kelley who can't contain the tears sometimes!

Kelley Stinson Photography Virginia Wedding

And if you're going to have your puppers in your big day, then you've got the perfect photographer right here! Fellow dog mom, Kelley is super obsessed with her Golden Retriever, Cammy. Just ask Kelley how her Golden brightens up her day (spoiler alert: it involves a hug!). We can all relate to having special bonds with certain animals, and Cammy's love is no exception.

Virginia Beach wedding photographer Kelley Stinson

When Kelley isn't behind a camera, she enjoys downtime with her family and friends. Whether it's on on a beach, at a brewery, a ball game, a beautiful park, or shopping, there is an abundance of things to do in the Hampton Roads area, and she loves doing them all! But if she had to pick just one, hands down it would be enjoying a cold beer from a local brewery with the ocean as her backdrop.

Hampton Roads Virginia wedding photographer Kelley Stinson
Virginia Beach Hampton Roads wedding photography Kelley Stinson

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