Spotlight Feature On: Elevated Events of Virginia

February 21, 2017

Vibrant, flexible, and fun is exactly how Jessica of Elevated Events of Virginia would describe her dream wedding couple. She and her team love all things planning and design, but they pride themselves on their #1 focus being customer service and hospitality surrounding an event. Like her pineapple logo and raised-in-Williamsburg-Virginia status symbolize, it's all about Southern hospitality and leaving the impression that couples and their wedding guests were well-cared for through the celebration experience.

[photo: Sara Harris Photography]

While Jessica loves the entire wedding day, she particularly has a favorite when it comes to the cocktail hour! She says, "It's frequently an overlooked part of the wedding design-wise because wedding guests will only spend an hour there, but it's also their first impression of the reception. There's so much flexibility with the cocktail hour that couples have endless opportunities to show their creativity and theme without breaking the bank."

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Fun fact to bring up when you meet Jessica? This wedding gal has never ever been a wedding guest. Always the planner, she's the oldest kid, grandkid, niece, cousin, and was the first of her friends to marry. And the one time she thought she would be attending as a guest, she was asked to plan and coordinate. So basically, Jessica is destined to always be the lead at any wedding!

[photo: A Girl Named Leney]

[photo: Erin Kling Photography]

When Jessica's mind isn't swirling with timelines and details, her favorite vacation is something we can all relate to! The priceless art of doing absolutely nothing, but of course, add a boat and that's instantly even better. The beauty of listening to the water and spending time with family is everything.

[photo: A Girl Named Leney]

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