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December 1, 2015

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Classic, genuine, and intimate is how Dani of Dani White Photography sees her ideal wedding couple. And it would make sense because this photog was first a fine art painter before she became a photographer! With a keen eye for seeing light and the way it bends and moves around her brides and grooms, Dani lives for that portrait moment.

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Because of this, her favorite wedding day moments are the couples' portrait time. With how crazy the wedding day can be and how many people are always around, Dani's goal is to create a space in the day for the couple to be together alone. No distractions, just the first few quiet moments as newlyweds. There is some posing guidance, but creating that intimacy before the hubbub of a reception is very important to her.

So whether it's a wedding on a farm or in a ballroom, Dani loves to see things through her lens as she does on her canvas. One stroke of light can change an entire image, and it's her goal to find it on every wedding day so she can help create beautiful memories for her couples that will last generations!

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When Dani is not capturing wedding day moments, you can find her painting on large canvases or finding the latest Hampton Roads festival with her family.

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