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Romantic Casual Beach Engagement Session

During their freshman year of high school, Shelby and Justin were in the marching band together. The first time she saw him, she was determined to date him! She even sent her best friends on a mission to let him know how interested she was! Well, it worked as it's pretty difficult to avoid a gaggle of young ladies out to make their best friend's heart happy! And the past ten years have been one for the true high school sweethearts books!

One of their favorite places to go as a couple is to the beach, so naturally, Shelby and Justin's choice for their engagement session with Emily of Elovephotos was the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

And for all you Saved by the Bell kids out there like myself, can we please talk about how gorgeously similar this bride-to-be is to the one and only Kelly Kapowski? Hello, doppelgänger alert!

How to Plan a Wedding with Food Allergies

Food allergies is a topic close to my heart as many know that I have Celiac Disease-- meaning I have to live a gluten-free life or I get very sick. It makes eating out difficult at times, and it's not uncommon that one of my only viable meal options is a salad (which I'm also not really supposed to eat due to another digestive issue).

My Celiac condition was identified right before my first year wedding anniversary in 2010, and while some may get angry, I cried. But not because it would forever change my life (as it has), but because I wouldn't get to eat my first anniversary cake. For a cake and cookies girl, a girl has GOT to have her cake!

Perfectly Polka Dot Virginia Beach Wedding

A lot of us can agree that we love a good playful polka dot pattern, but I think we can definitely 100% agree that Molly's Dad is the cutest father of the bride EVER (as you will see below). Cuteness aside, Ross and Molly's story started in the womb and pretty much signified that they were destined to be together.

Born two weeks apart at the same hospital, Molly's mom was in the delivery room when Ross was born, and then they grew up in the same church and even took their first communion together. Sounds like the start of a rom-com movie, am I right?

Channeling Kate Spade and shades of vibrant magenta, Molly envisioned a wedding that didn't scream sweet 16 and "scare off my future husband" pink at the Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront photographed by Anna Grace Photography. Because Virginia Beach is their beloved hometown, getting married anywhere away from the beach wasn't even an option for them!

To add even more sweetness and memorable details to this story, the lovely bride tucked her great-grandmother's handkerchief in the center of the bouquet since her Mom and her Grandma did the same on their respective wedding days and had a special First Look with her Dad right before the ceremony!

Polka dots, fun bridesmaids and groomsmen, sparklers on the Boardwalk, it's pretty easy to see that Ross and Molly had a celebration full of smiles, laughs, and hilariously fun times.

Fun Local Craft Brewery Engagement Session

With Tanner's love for home brewing and craft beer, it made O'Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk the obvious choice for his and Darian's engagement session! With a few pints, O'Connor's Flagship Flight, a hilarious game of Jenga, and some gorgeous golden hour light right outside, these two lovebirds shared some great laughs and made some fun memories together in front of Heather and Jared Photography's camera. You just can't go wrong when you have beautiful smiles like Darian and Tanner's and a table speckled with glasses of delicious locally-brewed amber goodness!

20 Ways You Might be a Wedding Professional

Oh hey, wedding season, you sneaky, sneaky thing. You pop up every year, ushering amazing people into our lives. We love you, but woo boy, you give us the ride of our lives every day!

Through the heat, emotions, and bottles of Tylenol, this one is for all my fellow wedding pro friends out there. Because the reality check is that from May to December, we might be seeing all the things through tulle and peony petals.

Coastal Peach and Turquoise Poquoson Wedding

From running his own business and her being an Oncology Specialist, Jeff and Daynelle are generally go-go-go in their everyday lives. So when you add a wedding into the mix, they knew that they wanted to have a fun and relaxed wedding at home right on the water in Poquoson.

From long farm tables filled with bistro lights strung above to starfish-dappled bouquets, this laid-back elegant coastal celebration was just what the bride and groom dreamed of! And you know when everyone's having a good time, the best memories are being made... especially since we can definitely see Jeff and Daynelle's calm spirits and joyful vibes through Luke and Ashley Photography's captures!

Breakfast in Bed Wedding Registry Ideas

One of my favorite comfy shirts just says "Make Me Brunch" because this is pretty much the story of my everyday life. Most people know I'm not a morning person. I am that giant sloth who grumbles and mumbles when it finally is time to emerge from my cozy nest of blankets, yet I'm obsessed with breakfast food. It's an eternal struggle that has been soothed by the ideas of brunch and breakfast for dinner.

Beach Cruiser Lovin' Engagement Session

Inspired by a recent gift of two beach cruisers, Scott and Megan wanted to have their engagement session with Amanda Manupella Photography anywhere the beach was close by. The little hidden sandy gem of East Beach in Norfolk was just the spot to share some fun times in front of the camera for these two high school sweethearts!

Surrounded by adorable coastal cottages, sand dunes, and the most magical and glowy light that only a sunset in Hampton Roads can give, this playful engagement reminds all of us that sometimes we just need to unwind and enjoy the carefree moments with the one you love!

Arriving soon... Aisle Society.

"Together is a beautiful place to be" is really the only thing I can say on what the past 3 months (and a bunch of sleepless nights and very passionate hearts) have meant, but the time has come to announce its debut arriving next month! No more teasers!

A collective of over 30+ professional wedding bloggers is about to revolutionize online wedding media, and we're not stopping there! It's going to become the Grand Central Station of wedding inspiration. A gorgeous way to lead couples to the best wedding content that exists online. Brides, grooms, lovers of all things wedding will stay updated on the styles they love most while discovering new ideas along the way! From vintage to modern and everything in between, wedding publishers from around the world have banded together to bring back something special to this community that we all cherish.

So, without further ado, let me preemptively welcome you to Aisle Society. It's going to be AH-mazing. :)

Modern Rustic Richmond Wedding

On the day it became legal to marry in Virginia, Dan surprised Jim. Home from work that day, Dan was about to take the dog for a walk while Jim was prepping for his work out. In a spur of the moment, Dan came upstairs and said, "Can I ask you a question?" Knowing he wanted to propose, Dan had stopped by a shop on the way home and picked up the only thing he could think off in the spur of the moment: one good ole iconic Ring Pop. Sweet and oh so perfect, what the Ring Pop symbolized would would soon show up again on the actual wedding day.

Dreaming of a modern rustic aesthetic, these two lovebirds infused much of their personalities into their special with help of their incredible wedding dream team led by LK Events and Design. From galvanized floral vessels to chic navy blue linens and stationery to sweet local references, David Abel Photography and Michael Simon Photography captured it all at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

But to pay homage to their very first meeting at Barksdale Theatre and their very well-versed theatre background, their grand ceremony entrance to the Broadway comedic tune of Annie Get Your Gun's "An Old Fashioned Wedding" sung by the two grooms themselves is the real heart-squeezer and smile maker! Friends, you'll totally have to check out the video on OutRVA!

Kickball Engagement at Norfolk Scope

Where else would you do your engagement session except the place where you met? That's what Jen and Brian did for their session with Bethanne Arthur Photography!

One fateful night, this kickball lovin' duo were with their mutual group of friends and met each other during an event at Norfolk Scope. As nervous as can be, Brian had to really work up his courage to talk to Jen that evening, especially with friends around, and thankfully he did!

Jen is a schoolteacher, and Brian works for the government. But outside their careers, they share a love for kickball. And not only did they bring it into their engagement session, they are actually going to have a day of kickball games and fun the day after their wedding in Pennsylvania!

Sweet Southern Vintage Wedding

It was a true family affair for Abby and Matt's beautiful southern-inspired wedding day at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth! The bride's mom professionally specializes in embroidery, so it was a must to incorporate that special touch throughout the wedding with a classic monogram along with the groom's VT baseball jersey and old family photos.

From soft mint green bridesmaid dresses to lush and romantic florals all underneath gorgeous chandeliers, these two lovebirds thought of all the little details to personalize their celebration... especially when it came to a custom wedding logo and their food! With Abby being from Virginia and Matt from Texas, they decided to include tastes of both home states in their menu including brisket, pecan-encrusted chicken, and shrimp and grits.

Captured by Rebecca Keeling Studios, this good ole Southern wedding was made complete with sweet tea and perfect memories!

Soft Coastal Wedding Inspiration

In southeastern Virginia, Hampton Roads is an area that totes the proud honor of being America's First Region. It is here where a lot of history began before the colonists arrived from England, and thanks to Disney's Pocahontas (albeit a bit historically inaccurate), it's how most people might have heard of our little part of the country!

Virginia Beach Crossfit Engagement

Jessica and Paul really are one of those military "fairytale" couples. He was stationed in Pensacola, and she worked as a server at her Dad's restaurant. He was a regular, and she was always his waitress. And two years later, these sweethearts are engaged and busily planning a wedding!

What I loved most about their story and unique engagement session was that they decided to spend their one chunk of their engagement session celebrating their favorite pastime that they do together. When they moved to Virginia Beach, Jessica and Paul decided to get serious about their health, so they found an amazing home away from home in their CrossFit family at CrossFit Reanimated in Virginia Beach.

Captured by Andrew and Tianna Photography, their CrossFit lifestyle engagement session is such a perfect story that tells of their love, mutual support for fitness, and oodles of perseverance. Because if anyone can survive a bajillion squats, then they are certainly set for any challenge that might come their way as husband and wife!

Cat Lover Wedding Must-Haves

It really was a matter of time that this roundup would happen because, well, cats. And any crazy cat lady knows that feeling. It's not just a love, it's a fandom-probably-obsession. We just love, love, love those finicky, adorable, whiskery, purrsonality-filled creatures! So why not have a roundup of the best wedding trinkets and goodies paying homage to the world's best animal ever, especially after we did an entire bridal shower inspiration shoot around them?

So next up in our Favorite Things series, you're sure to go pin crazy with these feline-friendly details! From chic cat ring pillows to kitty cake toppers, we're including a little bit of everything when it comes to your purrfect wedding day. :)

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