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Marriage Moments Organized with LyveHome

As a photog, I'm always reminding my brides and grooms to save their photos wherever they can. In a digital world, having one's once-in-a-lifetime day must be protected for years to come. And today, I'm super excited to share that we have a bonus Organize That Wedding feature this month! Not only are we acquainting you with a fab new photo organization solution, but also a kicktail giveaway of one of these cool gadgets! Don't hyperventilate just yet!

Folks, meet LyveHome. And it's going to rock your wedding and marriage worlds.

From dating to engagement to wedding to marriage, new memories pop up every day. For me, it involves daily shenanigans with two full-of-personality kitties and hilarious husband Rusty moments. Since my iPhone is pretty much with me always, I like to think I manage to get a good capture or two! I use Instagram as my personal scrapbook, but to make room for more photos (let's be real, more cat photos), I'm constantly having to delete those uploaded photos... photos of my husband's surprise lunch concoctions, photos of travel adventures, videos of my cats' episodes of ridiculousness.

But not anymore! LyveHome and the Lyve app are complete gamechangers when it comes to all things photo organization and management. (And if you're a nerd like me, you know it's gotta be good when a former Apple engineer/executive and a slew of lead engineers behind Netflix, AppleTV, and other key innovative systems are the geniuses behind it!)

No more cables, wires, uploading stuff through your computer. Everything is done wirelessly across whatever device you have-- computer, iPad, iPhone, everything. All of your photos and videos are collected, sorted, AND protected in the most seamless way possible. Are you geeking out yet?

Rusty and I are a bit of techies with Rusty being a bit more of a gadget person than I am. While Lyve isn't on AppleTV (yet), we loved being able to mirror our iPad to the TV making it an even greater option for scrolling through our memories and making a bit of a slideshow presentation. (Word has it that if you have a Vizio TV though, the Lyve app is already built into it!)

So far, we've synced my iPhone and Rusty's iPhone and his iPad to LyveHome... and I'm in the process of getting our old camera photos onto the device. If I used my computer for non-business purposes, I would have synced that, too! But with 2 terabytes of space, I know we won't be near filling that thing up anytime soon. And with its sleek design, it fits right in my photography home office.

I'll say it again. Total game changer as this is as easy as it gets to a modern and practical way to organize personal photos.

For brides and grooms, now you can see your engagement, wedding, and honeymoon photos alongside newlywed moments. All automatically sorted and organized by date! (Hello, OCD person's best dream ever.) And as your family grows and new adventures come along, they will be all in one place. Accessible through your phone or iPad. Anytime. Anywhere.


Valued at $299, one lucky Tidewater and Tulle reader will receive a brand new LyveHome device to store their own moments! You can start hyperventilating now!

All you have to do to enter is go to the LyveHome website, click on "Product Video," and come on back to Tidewater and Tulle to tell us what you think about LyveHome and how you might use it in your home. That's it! :)

1. Hop to LyveHome's website.
2. Click on "Product Video" and watch it!
3. Come back to Tidewater and Tulle and tell us what you think in a comment on this post. Please make sure your email address is included if you do not have a Disqus (our commenting system) account so we can contact you if you win.

The giveaway ends on August 28, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be randomly chosen via and then emailed for shipping address information. Valid only for U.S. residents.

Want an extra goodie? Use this free shipping promo code when purchasing LyveHome: LyveUnleased

Have fun and Organize That Wedding! I'd love to see your #lyvemoments, so use the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to share.

Many thanks to LyveHome for sponsoring this memory maker insight and product with me! And while the disclaimer is that I was sponsored to write this, these words and genuine geek-out moments for the brand are all my own. And special thanks to my husband for letting me get him in front of a camera to showcase our new favorite gadget!

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