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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Natural, lush garden-style arrangements with very personalized service is what Becky Devlin of Roost Flowers is known for around Hampton Roads. With a name like "Roost," you can't help but dream up of a natural farm and garden-like setting!

[photo: Kacie Lynch Photography]

Based out of Virginia Beach, Roost Flowers does service the entire Hampton Roads area and loves to be inspired by the decor at weddings. Becky becomes friends with her clients, and that allows her to really hone into a couple's floral vision whether it's a bright vibrant beach or a soft rustic barn.

[photo: Jen + Ashley]

A fun little fact is that Becky's love for flowers began when she started a flower farm-- before she became a floral designer. Her farm grew over three acres of flowers in a decade, and one thing led to another. She fell more in love with designing wild and lush arrangements beyond just cultivating her blooms from tiny seeds!

[left photo: Andi + Zoe, right photo: Mario Gandia Photography]

When she's not prepping for weddings, Becky loves playing with her kids and her flowers... and even teaching the occasional fitness class (something that she has done for the past 11 years!).

Roost Flowers
Virginia Beach, VA

Contact: Becky Devlin
(757) 615-3502
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